Affordable Access To Justice

Unbundled Services

The Colorado Supreme Court has recognized the need for unbundled legal
services and has made unbundling acceptable by amending its Rules of Civil Procedure.

Many people cannot afford full legal representation. For example, 98% of Respondents in
County Court debt collection cases are unrepresented. Paladin provides unbundled
representation in all civil cases, including County Court debt collection cases.
Unbundling of services is not allowed in criminal cases.

Unbundled legal services are for people seeking only certain discrete services
from a lawyer. When lawyers talk about the full bundle, they typically mean:

1. Gathering facts
2. Advising the client
3. Discovering facts of the opposing party
4. Researching the law
5. Drafting correspondence and documents
6. Negotiating
7. Representing the client in court

But maybe you only need representation during a single hearing. Or maybe you
need help drafting a document during one phase of a case. Contracting with Paladin for
unbundled legal services, that is, limited representation, allows you to address financial
limitations while still receiving expert counsel at critical junctures of a legal matter

But you don’t have to wait until you are sued to benefit from Paladin’s unbundled
services. Although unbundling is limited in Federal Court, once the case is filed, Paladin
just settled a federal copyright infringement case, before it was filed, under an unbundled,
flat fee agreement.