Affordable Access To Justice


Trial judges have a saying: “If you don’t like my ruling, appeal it.” Unfortunately,
many people cannot afford an appeal, so trial judges get away with erroneous rulings
every day. Paladin is here to make appeals affordable for ordinary, middle class people.

Appeals are Paladin’s favorite phase of litigation, because of the reading and writing
appeals require. The appellate lawyer must read the trial transcript, the pleadings,
motions, and other papers, including the Exhibits, filed in the trial court. In Colorado
there is, sometimes, oral argument, but Appeals are mostly decided on written briefs. A
different set of procedural rules, The Rules of Appellate Procedure, create and move the
process along. On appeal, your adversary is the trial judge. The goal is to convince the
appellate court that the trial judge committed reversible error.

Most often, when you win on appeal, you get a new trial. Infrequently, however,
the Appellate Court remands with directions enter judgment or to acquit. See
People v. Leiby for such a case.