Affordable Access To Justice


Steven Janiszewski, the Paladin.


Paladin Litigation offers:

• Free initial consultation
• Alternative Fee Arrangements on a sliding scale, for those who want full representation
• Unbundled Services, such as ghost writing, at flat rates

Paladin defends:

• Credit Card and other Debt Collection cases
• Criminal Charges
• Property Disputes
• Contract cases
• Uninsurable Tort cases
• Appeals of any kind

Paladin prosecutes:

• Contract claims
• Personal Injury claims, including Elder Abuse
• Appeals of any kind


Steven Janiszewski

Handcart Mormon by genealogy, Roman Catholic by adoption, secular humanist by education, Karma Kagyu by choice for twenty years, and finally saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, Steven Janiszewski is Paladin. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Steve got his B.A. in English from the University of Utah. Then, thinking that he could be a rich and famous novelist, he went back East, to Virginia, and took his Masters Degree in creative writing from Hollins College. After returning to the Mountain West, Steve lost interest in fiction while mediating in Boulder, and took his J.D. from the University of Denver. He is licensed to practice law in Colorado, in the Federal District Court for the District of Colorado, and in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and he writes something perfectly legal every day.

A Seasoned Veteran

Steve has 35 years of experience in trials and appeals—over 600 cases—including criminal defense, commercial litigation, and personal injury. He has been a partner in a small general litigation firm, a solo practitioner, and a shareholder in a large multi-state firm, where for fourteen years, he focused on commercial litigation and appeals.

An Affordable Zealot

Inspired by the Colorado Supreme Court’s Access to Justice initiative, Steve has created a low-overhead, modern law office that provides affordable access to justice—and zealous advocacy—for ordinary, middle-class people caught up in our expensive court system.


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